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Welcome to married life!! Yay!
Today I got to introduce Graham to members of my extended family as "my husband" which was great. The only down side is that it was at a funeral reception. My cousin's husband died 3 days before the wedding last week. There wasn't a service that I know of though they will be having a private thing tomorrow and scattering his ashes for just his immediate family but they had a do for friends and family to come and chat and look at photos.

But the wedding? Awesome! There was a bit of stress but that's my own doing. We were late getting to the park for the photographs and i hate, hate, hate being late especially when someone's waiting but that's just my "thing". There was plenty of time before the ceremony and no chance of missing that. The rehearsal the night before went well and we had a meal out at the Chinese restaurant. Afterwards, there were a few of the guests staying over in the hotel so we had them to our suite for some wine. We had a guest from Vancouver and one from Quebec and the woman of honour was from Moncton. There were a few other out of town guests but not at the hotel that night.

The wedding day weather was a bit chilly, semi overcast but the sun came through now and then. We got to the spa in the morning for our hair and makeup and that went well. They did a great job making us look suitably bridal! We were a bit late getting away from there and the calls and texts started coming in. The backdrop for the reception was late coming and graham had to help put that together which made him late getting dressed. The flowers were early but my niece wasn't aware so was waiting for the women bringing them. The photographer was waiting for us at the park with the Best Man. The woman of honour didn't have the right shoes but her husband had brought six pair from Moncton when he flew down in the morning! We got the flowers sorted (beautiful!) and then got to the park about a half hour later than we expected. No worries. We had informed him that we'd get there. He was an oasis of calm!

The photos didn't take too long but long enough. My poor feet! The shoes weren't all that uncomfy but i'm not used to wearing heels of any sort even though the heels weren't high. The air was a bit chilly but not too windy so we didn't look too dishelved. He's going to get the photos to us by the end of this week, we're looking forward to seeing them! It's been great seeing other peoples' photos but the official ones will be the best.

Back to the hotel for  family photos and then to the suite. Our suite was a business suite. another huge room aside from the bedroom with a conference table, a living room with chairs and a sofa, a wet bar and fridge and great views over the Halifax Harbour! Great for parties!

Time for the wedding! We went to the room that was set up for the ceremony and organized ourselves. We decided to walk ourselves down the aisle so we sent the Best Man and Woman of Honour up first. All my good intentions went a little bit south because the iPod disconnected from the bluetooth speaker so my nephew was holding up the iPod. Still, I could hear the music, Queen's version of the Wedding March so that was ok. We can put the music on the video when it's processed and nobody will know the difference!  The minister is a good friend of mine, a Corrie fan and Doctor Who fan. She brought her blue robes in keeping with the RedWhiteBlue theme. The ceremony was great and the minister used her iPad instead of reading from paper or a book! We joked about the Holy iPad. I did manage to keep it together during the vows but it was a close call. I could feel myself wobbling and had to take a deep breath before each phrase I repeated, with Graham squeezing my hands to keep me encouraged. I just get so emotional! After it was done, the minister presented us as Diane and Graham Williams and all the guests hollered "IT'S ABOUT TIME!!" (but we knew they were going to do it. I don't think they did but it was great for the video!)

After we were done and signed, the speaker did get reconnected so we could proceed back down the aisle to the Doctor Who theme :) One couple were dressed up and flashed their sonic screwdrivers when we went past and another guest was wearing a Tardis dress and blue wig! Awesome! We had encouraged people to wear one of the theme colours or hats and there were a half dozen or so hats or fascinators and lots of colourful accessories and clothing! We had a receiving line and a few more photos and then came into the reception to the corrie theme tune.

My nephew was the MC and did a great job, with a lovely little speech of his own. But he'd got some of his material from the same website as the Best Man was using so that kind of used some of his material! The Best man was good to us, rather than teasing or that sort of thing but G. said he'd turn it back on him if he did so i think that kept him honest! Graham made a speech and so did I though I did forget to thank the MC! It's difficult when you go off the cuff. I had thought i'd make notes but i forgot to. Anyway it all went well. We cut our cake a little while later and had a first dance. The cake was awesome, looking like a Dalek and was chocolate and quite the best tasting cake ever! There was quite an emotional moment during our dance, though. It's "Someone like you" by Van Morrison. About 2/3 of the way through, my dad's cousin, someone he was quite close to, like brothers, cut in and said that if my Dad had been here, it would have been his job but since he wasn't, he decided to fill in. Well... I lost it. I had had an emotional moment earlier in the week but this was not quite as intense as that one was. But even he had tears in his eyes! That didn't help! It was a lovely thing to do, though. Graham went and got Mom for the last few bars of the song.

The rest of the time was mingling, serving the awesome cake, and chatting. I don't think either of us had a chance to taste most of the food but everyone said it was good (the finger foods and platter stuff). Again, most of the time on my feet but the shoes had come off once we got to the reception. Still hurt though. We had a good mix of guests from family , friends and a few coworkers and former coworkers. It was so nice to have everyone around and having all those wonderful people made the day even more joyful! Graham said later it was the best day of his life which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm always right out there with my feelings about stuff like that, all excited and can't stop smiling but his British reserve means he doesn't show his feelings most of the time. It's nice to hear when he expresses how he feels!

We changed later on and went to the hotel dining room with a few of the out of towners plus my sister and cousin and had a nice, leisurely dinner to round out the day. Later in the suite, one last glass of wine  It was a long and tiring day but one we'll never forget!

We opened our wedding gifts in the suite that night and are overwhelmed by the generosity of our guests. Cash, cheques, gift cards and some lovely presents, some inventive ones and a few were Doctor Who or Coronation Street themed which was ace! We've already gone to a movie (Avengers: Age of Ultron) with a gift voucher we received and bought a gel memory foam mattress topper as well. I think we'll put much of the cash to a new tv, tv stand and home audio system but will probably not pick it out until he comes back (hopefully for good).

Ah yes. On that note, we spoke to an immigration specialist and are going to move things forward there. Might take a few weeks to get all the documents together but it will be done right. We've been told that 99% of all family / spouse sponsorships/permanent residency applications are accepted and generally takes under a year. As far as proof of us as a couple, I have a mountain of evidence. We will continue to use the specialist even if it's a little pricey. It's worth it to make sure it's all done right.

It will be tough to say goodbye this time at the airport but I'll be over there in September and we'll have another wedding celebration then for his family and some friends.

I'll post links to some photos once we get some more. Have only got a handful from people but none from my cousin and his fiance which will be good ones and from the photographer who has promised them by the end of the week.

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Busy weekend!
Did the hair and makeup trial run on Saturday. Quite pleased with the colour and highlights they did and fairly satisfied with the makeup. I may buy my own lipstick because they didn't really have a shade i was happy with. The one they ended up using was ok, but still not quite my colour I don't think though it looked better in natural light when I got home. I think i've decided i'll probably wear my glasses most of the day though may get some photos with and without just because we can.

Yesterday was a ladies' lunch/shower for the women of the group of friends that go all the way back to junior and high school, and one or two even longer than that. My woman of honour drove down from Moncton and I had one or two other friends there as well and Mom and my niece came, too. It's so cool that we've all kept in touch all these years. There have been some of the old group that have drifted away and new people come in when people marry or bring friends along  but there's always been a core group of us and now that everyone's kids are grown, we've been making the effort to get together a bit more often (with the men too, of course!), out for dinner or a party or function (we're now starting retirement parties!!!). Sometimes the women will go to a movie together, depending on who's available. I feel very lucky.

Got another facial tonight after work and one of the gifts yesterday was a certificate for that very same spa! Result!

Been sending emails and organizing people, delegating, etc.

Still not heard from the immigration guy so have let my friend know that if he's not back from his holiday to Australia by the wedding, i'll have to find someone else. Want to meet up while Graham is still here. Then again, the immigration site seems to have a lot of instruction and all the forms so maybe it's just a matter of being methodical and going through it all. I have no idea how expensive an immigration specialist is, it could be quite a lot but it could also be worth it.
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Talk about waiting for a bus and then two come at once, shortly after i posted the other day about thinking i had someone to video the wedding, i discovered that the partner of one of my coworkers not only does video but is a pretty damn good editor as well! AND they are already invited to the wedding! I emailed the other guy and he hasn't got back to me yet but I told my friend to say yes to her partner bringing his camera anyway, it never hurts to have a second person taking video and he said he'd put all the video together and make a nice dvd of it. So even if the first guy doesn't email me back, i'm covered and if he does, I have backup! I don't want to put the first guy off since he's offering but on the day I'll mention that another guest says he's bringing his as well.  The more the merrier, I say!

That's off my mind at least.

Now I think we're good to go! Little things that are left are not show stoppers.

After work yesterday I went to the EAstlink store (local cable company) and changed my mobile phone over to them. Telus wasn't willing to give me the package that I wanted to get, they don't have anything cheaper than 70 dollars for a minimum data package plus the "tab" to pay for the new phone, plus taxes so you're looking at about 30 dollars more than i'm paying now. And it's just not worth it to me! Eastlink has a basic package with 200 mb data for 35 (normally 40 but i get 5 off for bundling it with everything else), plus 15 a month for the phone for two years. Plus taxes. But then, They had a promotion on and because I've already got my landline, cable tv and internet with them, they basically waive the mobile package base price and are only charging me for the phone. How they do it, though, they take $40 off my other bill and at the same time i get a second bill for the mobile services for 55 plus tax. They don't combine the two bills, not yet anyway, it's two separate entities apparently. Sounds complex, i know but I've still worked it out and with taxes it will still only cost me about 18 dollars more a month for all the services over what i'm playing now for the Eastlink services.

My old Telus bill was about 50 a month give or take. Doing the math, overall, I'm going to be paying out about $25 less. In two years, when the phone is paid off, the mobile bill goes down $15 unless i turn around and upgrade again. If it's working perfectly well, i likely will keep it.

And what did i get? I decided on a Samsung S4 which is actually 2 models older since they've just come out with an S6 but which was much cheaper because of it. The S5 would have cost $150 up front and the S6 was about $250 or possibly more. The camera on the S4 is better than the one on the Nexus 5 which was my other choice and it's got facility for external storage which the Nexus doesn't. I like that.

I found an awesome phone case on eBay that i've ordered. There is actually two in the package, but it's for the one that i decided on it. One has a Tardis under some brightly coloured clouds or some sort of thing and it's nice but the other one has a group of minions looking out the door of the Tardis!  See???  It's more awesome than an awesome thing! God I love eBay sometimes!
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Still searching for videographer. Graham doesn't mind, it can just be someone that uses a point and shoot camera that has video. It may end up being just that! My cousin's girlfriend's daughter has ties to the film and tv industry, she's going to ask her if she can do it or knows someone that can and I have a second cousin that has film editing experience and I've asked his mother to find out if he can take video. I can't imagine he couldn't if he can also do editing and things. But he works 6 days a week and might not be able to get the day off though I'm willing to pay him to do it, same with my other cousin's girlfriend's daughter. She was made redundant last week and my second cousin usually needs money too so either may be willing. He may be willing to forgo a day's pay if i'm paying anyway. We'll see. I don't know if either one has a camcorder but even using the point and shoot won't be too bad as it does decent video. Usually.

I think that's the last big thing.

Little stuff includes making bits and pieces for decor and for the cake, picking up pantyhose (or knee highs if i'm feeling lazy), getting a pedicure and a manicure and maybe gel nails put on.

I made a homemade sugar scrub for my face yesterday. It did feel smooth after! Apparently that's a good thing to try if you have problem skin. It's got olive oil in it but you clean it off and I used an astringent as well to get the traces off my face. Otherwise, you don't really want oil on your face but i don't have oily skin to start with. The woman at the spa that did my facial the other day mentioned a sugar scrub for exfoliation. Maybe i'll try that once a week or so.

Dentist tomorrow. I delayed my appointment to have it closer to the wedding so my teeth would be fairly freshly cleaned and polished.

Had fun at the retirment party on Saturday night, excellent to see the old school crowd. I always thinks it's so great how we've all kept in touch over the years.  Most of the women are joining me for a pre-wedding lunch in a couple of weeks and most of the group will be at the wedding.

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Wedding week is going to be busy. We will  have a meeting with the photographer, checking out the park where we may do outside photos, weather permitting, and a stop at the hotel so he can suss out the layout etc. We have two airport pickups for guests arriving from out of town, then of course the rehearsal the night before and rehearsal dinner.

Gotta sort out the cake.
One or two more things to finalize.
G. has to do the Thank You note artwork because we're doing those as well so then will need to get that printed. Not sure how many to get. At least with blank Thank You notes, they can always be used in future.
RSVP coming in. Pretty much all the family I invited have replied, one couple still away.
A few on the friends list still outstanding, need to contact them to confirm one way or the other.
Got to contact a pub downtown for the post-wedding meet and greet. Not sure of numbers there yet. Both of the places I have in mind have a section that's kind of separated. Not private but off to one side.

And last but not least...
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"You've got to suffer to be beautiful"
That's what my Nan always said. She was a hairdresser and when she'd cut my hair, with a razor, it would frigging hurt! Even today, when i went to a spa to get my hair cut, and she gave me a head massage, it hurt. The hair kept pulling and i guess my scalp is still more sensitive than I thought.  Over the years i'd repeat what Nan would say as i'd rip eyebrows out with tweezers or hair off my legs with hot wax. Never mind. It was balanced by lovely pedicures and relaxing facials.

In the remaining weeks up to the wedding I've booked two facials, one on Easter Monday and one three weeks later. My poor homone poisoned face needs help and i want to glow as much as possible on the day. Or at least not be quite so spotty and red! I've booked another hair appointment to get my colour done about 2 weeks before the wedding and a trial for my wedding day hair style and makeup as well. The spa is more expensive than the normal hair salon I go to but it's handy for the wedding venue/hotel and they do know what they're doing when it comes to weddings. I don't want to do my own makeup on the day.

Don't think i need to take the inside dress to the tailor after all, i tried it on again and it doesn't feel as snug. Must have lost a little when I was sick the other week. Just need to be prudent and keep it off. I should also wear the shoes around the apartment a bit. They felt pretty good when I got them so they don't need to be stretched or broken in a lot but it wouldn't hurt to do it anyway.

G. kept going on about thinking he should get a pocket watch to go with his outfit (Victorian style frock coat!) until I had to finally tell him. Do. Not. Get. One. And forget we had this conversation! The one i ordered is in, too, so i will have to go get that on the weekend.

Taking the beer stein and the two pendants in for engraving tomorrow. Also need to pick up a birthday card and a retirement card. Oh, make that two birthday cards. One might even make it in time for her birthday. The other has already been missed. If we hadn't had two days off for the storm i would have had time to get it and mail it. Her birthday was Saturday. I did call at least.

I thought i might have to go to the walk in clinic to get a puffer for this lingering cough but it seems to be somewhat better today. Better than it was at least.
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PC guy wasn't feeling well so he is coming Monday night if he's feeling better. Everything is mostly set up now, but i do have a few things to ask him.

Went to brunch today with my cousins at the Athens restaurant, which has been in Halifax a long time. It's moved locations a couple of times but this is the first time I've been there. They were really busy for Saturday brunch. The food was good but the service was slow, probably because they were so busy. They do have a buffet on but we all ordered from the menu. The problem with buffets is you are tempted to eat too much and then feel so bloated. I've only just got back to sort of eating regularly after being sick and overloading like that wouldn't be good. I had my favourite, Eggs Benedict with spinach (so it was actually Eggs Florentine) and it was quite good. Oddly, it wasn't served with toast though i suppose because the eggs are on an english muffin, that's why. They only have home made bread, too, rather than serving bought loaves. Anyway, brunch was quite good and we enjoyed ourselves.

My cousin Cath and I then did some errands and I bought the bluetooth speaker i wanted for the wedding venue. It was even on sale a bit so that was good. Left it at the shop while we then went to the flower shop to talk about wedding flowers. Cath has really good ideas and was a great help. She knows a lot more about picking out flowers and what goes with what than I do. Between her suggestions and the florist's, I think what they came up with is going to be really nice. The flowers are not traditional types for wedding bouquets but they'll be a bit more casual. I knew the colours I wanted and what will go with the dresses and I know what I don't want so they worked with that. She seemed confident the budget I had in mind wouldn't be a problem, either. I don't know what these things cost so i pulled  a number out of the air that seemed reasonable for what I knew I would be getting (two bouquets, a table arrangement, varous minor buttonholes and corsages) and she thought that was do-able.

By the time we were done, so was i. My back was a bit sore and my boots were hurting my feet. I hate boots and have worn them more this winter than most years. It's just been too slippery and difficult to walk in just shoes, even though just getting on and off the bus. We're having another storm tomorrow so there's no end in sight.
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So everyone, here's the artwork for the wedding invitations, the front and the back. (those are steampunk ducks like Hilda Ogden's ducks) We've also incorporated the dime, as you can see on the top right. I think he did an amazing job!

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Storm day today, Been at it for over 3 hours so far, though sounds a bit like it's starting to mix with rain at the moment. Still some pretty big snowflakes zipping down, though. Luckily of course, it's Sunday and most of us don't have to worry about getting to work. My favourite kind of storm day. Yeah, it's nice having the day off work for a storm but it's also nice knowing you don't have to worry about it at all. Let it snow.

And because of the forecast, yesterday there was even more traffic on the roads than a normal Saturday and the grocery stores were insane and so were the liquor/beer stores. God forbid you didn't stock up on booze, bread and milk for that one day you can't get out to the shop when they've been forecasting this all frigging week with the grocery stores and booze stores open late every night anyway. Because I was out and had to go to the post office in the drug store, I did get a few things in that store which didn't have long lines at the cash at all. Most of what I bought I didn't *need* but they had my favourite teabags on sale, I picked up a box of cereal which i did need, some pop, and come chocolate covered digestives which I also didn't need but ... you know...

Let it snow. Doesn't seem at this point we'll get as much of it here as they were doom and gloom forecasting. On the coast we often get less or it turns to rain. Inland and up in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton always gets mountains of it. I'm very glad I don't live there!

Enough of that.

Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget
1. The day my dad died
2. The day I met G. face to face for the first time
3. Being with my best friend at the birth of both of her sons.
4. The day I got tangled up in the Christmas Tree.

Further thoughts on that florist yesterday. The more I think of it, the more it kind of irritates me that she was reluctant to do the wedding as it's the day before Mother's Day. Ok, yes, small shop, busy day. She'll "make an exception" since we're a small wedding. And I do understand, especially if it was a large wedding,  but it just feels like, wait, you're thinking of turning down business?  Maybe I'm overthinking it. Wouldn't be the first time for that! I'll call her on Tuesday and see what she has to say. She's not the only flower shop in town. I went there because first, it was convenient to where we were at the time when we realized the big grocery store flower shop didn't do weddings anymore, and second, because they'd done the funeral flowers and we'd liked the job they did. I can't remember what they cost but they must have been reasonable. Supporting local business is good but I think most of the flower shops around here are local and independent anyway. I found another flower shop in the downtown area that might be a good alternative, too. I may call them first just to sound them out before calling the other people back.
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This is my "down" day. Except of course i'm just finishing up four loads of laundry, four because sheets and a quilt needed washing as well. I cleaned the bathroom and changed the bed. I do need to vacuum but i'll do that later in the week, I think. Have been contemplating making peanutbutter cookies but i have resisted so far.

Instead, I'll use the peanut butter for this recipe, Thai Peanut Beef which is fast and very yummy. I saute the beef in hot pepper infused oil for an added kick.

I will have Mom's car over the weekend so i can get some groceries and do a bit of visiting. Might join my mom and her friend on Wednesday morning when they go to visit the new library. Maybe we'll have a nice lunch somewhere over there and i might even take myself to a movie if the cineplex there has afternoon ones this week. They don't normally other than in summer but they might for this week where it's Christmas school holidays.

Spent an hour this afternoon gathering addresses for wedding invitations! There will be a UK do in Manchester next fall some time but I think i'll do the invites for that by email and then maybe have postcards with the invitation artwork to give out there. Sort of a souvenir, if you will. Tacky? The logistics of getting those addresses seems a bit daunting and pretty much everyone has either email or Facebook. It seems to be the way things are going these days and since it isn't actually a wedding, I think it would be ok to send the artwork and invite electronically.
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Fun with Canada Post: Only cost 16 dollars for three small parcels. I had to slightly crush one thing to fit it through the slot that meant it could be sent as a thick letter, it's just the little box inside, but the present in it won't be harmed. Yeah, it was wrapped and if the recipient mentions it, i'll just blame Canada Post!

But the best news that really made my Monday is this: Remember that I had found a dress i wanted for the wedding but then it went out of stock before I could order it? I had been showing someone just last week, all they had left was a small size in black but she got the idea of the dress. I ordered a pretty skirt and top instead just in case. Today, less than a week later, I decided to peruse the site to see if there was anything worth getting for the "Cyber Monday" 15% off. I ran a list of dresses in my size and looky there... the dress was on the result list. Huh? There was nothing there last week in the size.... well, let's see, then. Yep, my size. AND my wedding colour!!!!!! Can you say EXCITED?? You bet I ordered it! The 15% paid for the shipping and even then, the total cost was $60.99. Yep, that's right. For my wedding dress. (Graham if you do read this, don't you dare click that link!) I got the confirmation email but i won't be able to be completely confident that it's really going to be in stock until they send me the shipped notice! It should arrive before Christmas (10 - 12 business days).

I was also messaging my friend who is going to do the ceremony. She's applied for the special license for the wedding (she is a minister in the province of Quebec so has to have a special ok through her church to do a wedding here and have it be legal) We were discussing readings. She knows we aren't religious so it would be fairly low key in that respect but there are some nice Bible verses that are about love and marriage but that don't pull religion into it. I don't mind those. She asked if i was going to carry a dime. Yes, yes i am and she asked if she could mention it. I thought maybe. Then i thought no, that will probably have half the guests in tears, me included :) I don't know where i'll have it, perhaps I'll attach it to a ribbon on the bouquet. I just had a thought. I'm going to ask Graham to draw a dime in the corner of the artwork. It'll be identifiable because the coin has a schooner on one side so if he does a round coin with that on it, it would work. It doesn't matter if it's not in proportion to the design if it's in one corner, I think.
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I had a few questions for the catering manager at the hotel where we're having the wedding and got a call back. The manager has left!!! That makes me sad because he was great! He really made us feel special and that was the main reason why we went with that venue. His manager called me this morning and she was very nice as well. She said he'd gone on to a new job elsewhere and they would be looking for a replacement and intending on getting someone just as good. She was quite helpful and sorted out the things I was wanting to know. I figured if i didn't send that email with the questions now, I'd forget, my memory not being what it was. Graham says my memory is shocking! lol! I guess it is, too.

But really. I have a venue and menu sorted. I have someone to do the ceremony. I have a photographer. We have rings. There's someone to do the cake.  I have something to wear and shoes! We have the marriage certificate so all else being equal, that's all i really need! Flowers, invitations, still to be sorted but that's not difficult. I'll be married in less than six months!!
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Wedding Shoes ordered.
I'm crossing all my bits hoping they fit. I saw them on this website but they didn't have my size and almost everywhere else I looked also didn't have my size except so we'll see if they actually do have it though they say they did, one pair left! Red and in a wider width. Not the widest one they have which may have been better but let's hope this will do. The site gave 20% off but the charge for customs/duty was almost double what the discount amount was! Yeesh. Still. If they fit, it's for the wedding and I don't mind paying. And if they pinch, all they really have to do is get me through the ceremony and a few photos, then I can always take them off!

Graham's going to do the artwork for the invitations and I may get them done at Staples because my sister works there and can get a discount. We'll have the custom artwork for the invitations and for the Guestbook for sure, maybe also for the Thank You Notes and we thought we'd get some postcards because rather than sending invitations for the UK party, we'll do email invites and then Have the postcards for the guests that come. I think that will be better because I may not be able to get all the mailing addresses for everyone there. I thought about customized Thank You notes but maybe just plain ones will be better because you can then always use them after if you need them. Or maybe, rather than "Thank You" notes, just a small blank notecard with a nice design.

Have had a taste of tDalekCakehe chocolate cake that will be used for our wedding cake. The lady at work that does cakes, cupcakes and fancy cookies as a side business brought in some chocolate cupcakes for a bake sale and gave me one to try. All I can say is YUM!!! Yes, our wedding cake shall be chocolate :) And below will be the cake design. I have the Daleks though they are one white and one black one and are smaller than these ones but that's the plan. Won't be much to make up a little veil and a top hat. It's going to be awesome!

There's a big wedding trade show at the Trade Centre here in January so I will probably go. They will have printers there and things like makeup and hair people in addition to all the fashions and florists etc. I might get some good deals or pick up some cool swag there!
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Turns out the feast was Monday, not Sunday but it was yummy! Roast beast :) I have leftovers!
Excellent to see one of my besties, Jo, yesterday as well and it's the first time I've seen her daughter in a few years. She was such a great kid and has grown up wonderfully. She's living in Edmonton where she's a librarian, which, I think, was what she always wanted to be. She's the same age as my niece, barring a couple of weeks so i've seen them grow up at the same pace. She was about 2 and a half when I first met her mother.
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There, that's all caught up.
Back to the gym today.

Oh, my friend had suggested using a UK flag covered little chest as a receptacle for wedding cards at the reception but the ones she'd seen turned out to be too large. I was telling G. about it and he thought that making a tabletop sized pillar box (British mail box) would be good. You could put a little sign on it to "Mail Cards Here". He said he could easily make one and pack it flat, putting it together when he got here. Right. Add one to your list of things to do. It's difficult as he's there and not here so I end up making most of the plans though consulting him of course. He does have a list of things to buy and make and is in charge of the invitation and thank you note artwork which is very important.

Ok, i guess i better go get some lunch...
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The wedding ring I ordered arrived and I've picked it up. It is now in my house. We have rings! I'll get a photo of them one of these days. There are 220 days until the wedding but who's counting? Well, yes.

Next thing I want to do is contact the hotel again to get an idea of quantity and cost. He was going to consult with the chef for quantity. As he says, we're not feeding the guests a meal, just giving them finger foods to pick at and so maybe it won't be as much as I think. They will be serving some of it and the rest will be on a food "station". We did have a taste test when G. was here and tried a few things. All good. Must give G. a deadline for the artwork for invitations as he works better with a deadline. :) And I have to start buying stamps. Probably get one or two books of 10 each payday. At least if i end up with too many, they won't go to waste. I don't post a lot of stuff but you do still need stamps now and then.

We are going to do RSVP stuff online by email or people can telephone as well. My niece did that and it worked out fine. She did have to telephone a few people that didn't reply one way or the other but that was all. I haven't decided whether to have the invitation details printed or just have the artwork on the front done and print the inside myself. Only thinking along that line because we could use the same ones for the UK wedding party later in the year. My other idea on that was just to email a graphic file of the invitation to people and have that all done electronically. We might then have postcards printed with the artwork for giveaways at the party. No idea yet where that party will be, though it will be in the Manchester area. Am leaning towards one of the nice pubs in Chorlton or that area because I know folks there that can scout out some good locations. Would need to have parking though and handy a bus as well if necessary. A pub or place in the city centre would be pricey and Salford pubs are just dangerous ;) It's too bad that the Corrie studio tours will not likely still be open by next fall. That would be a blast, getting a group ticket for the tour for everyone.
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Starting to look around for Christmas presents for people. I have a couple of things already and I really hate to shop in December so i usually manage to get it done early where possible. It's getting harder to know what to get my nephews and niece and i don't like to give money or gift cards at Christmas if possible though I know they don't mind. I will for their birthdays but Christmas is kind of special and I like them to have something to open.

Wedding stuff:
Graham has to do the artwork for the invitations and the thank you notes then we can find  a printer. My sister can get a discount at Staples so maybe we can provide the artwork and get them printed there.
Flowers: A couple of people have recommended Costco for them. My niece got hers there and she did up their bouquets herself. I think they provide the pins as well for the buttonhole flowers and probably will do corsages as well. It's kind of a do it yourself and I don't know if she had table arrangements but that's also not so difficult to do either, I'd just have to get a couple of vases. I have at least one person i know that would be able to do nice flower arranging for me if i asked.
Ordered a white and a black Dalek for the caketop. Is en route. Will have to make a little bridal veil and top hat. And tiara if i  can find a dolly one :) Note to self, check the Dollar store.
I still having tried my outfit on!
I need red shoes. Not heels, though, my poor feet can't handle that anymore.
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One more sleep! Yay!

Been sending positive thoughts and getting everyone that i can to think same in hopes that the volcano in Iceland stays corked until Graham gets here tomorrow afternoon. After that. Thar She Blows for all i care. :)  It is looking hopeful that it won't go in the next 24 hours at least and that's all that matters (touch wood)

The old Halifax central library will be closed after this weekend. Not sure when the new one opens but it must take some doing to shift all the books and materials over so I expect by the end of September it will open its doors and I can hardly wait. I've been watching and recording the building process and now I want to see the inside! Drawings are "concepts" are never the same as the actual thing. I love the new building but many don't. They didn't tear down anything historic, either. The site used to be a hospital. They built a new one and tore down the old one. The spot was a vacant lot for awhile before the library was conceived and built. I notice that a lot of libraries, arts centres and museums that are built these days are really beautiful and uniquely designed buildings.

This is my last day before vacation. Picking up the rental car tomorrow, gotta get some wrapping paper for my niece's wedding present. The wedding is Saturday and we're all very excited! My cousin is arriving for a visit tomorrow, also very excited about that.

Made an appointment with the hotel event manager for Sept. 11 at 11 so we can have a taste test and see the venue. I also saw a really nice wedding ring that's a bit different. Will take G. to see it and see what he thinks. He's going to wear his dad's if it fits or if it isn't too thin to resize. I don't recall how heavy a ring his was but he did wear it for a very long time. He never took it off after his wife died 30 years ago so it's got to be a good 50 to 60 years old. Hmm. I know they had a 25th wedding anniversary. Not sure if they celebrated their 30th before she died. If they did, it was not long after, I think. Anyway, if his ring wasn't a heavy band, it might be too thin to change if it doesn't fit him. If that's the case, we can find him a new ring. The one I saw that I liked was less expensive than I thought it would be but it's mostly silver with some gold bits so I guess that's why. Oddly, it doesn't look wrong next to the engagement ring on the gold band but I want to see what Graham thinks. I was at the Mall a few weeks ago and found a few other ones I liked so if this one doesn't end up suiting, I have some other options. These ones are all non-plain gold bands, they all have some sort of decoration on them. A plain band is also an option of course.
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There are only three sleeps until Graham arrives. And I'm freaked out because there's a volcano in Iceland that may or may not erupt and spew ash through the atmosphere. Sometimes the news articles are worrying, sometimes they are slightly more hopeful... Mainly because the scientlsts don't know, either, what's going to happen. Ain't Nature mad? All it needs to do is stay under that glacier for three more days. After that, I don't care. Everyone send positive vibes, please, for the cork to stay firmly in for the rest of the week, k? Thanks.

My niece's wedding is Saturday. They had the rehearsal yesterday and she's excited! They're having it at a marina out on the deck overlooking the bay so I may have to rethink my dress. Even if it's hot in the city, it could be chilly on the water so I might wear the dress I have that has short sleeves rather than a sleeveless dress.

New season of Doctor Who started this weekend. I will enjoy Peter Capaldi though the first episode was a bit disjointed mainly because post-regeneration, this time in particular, he's very confused. Maybe because the regeneration was so draining and powerful (unexpected, enough energy to blow up space ships etc. ) Some great lines from the Doctor about eyebrows, mirrors and being Scottish. Was a bit confused that Clara was surprised at the regeneration and wanted him to change back. I know seeing it is different than knowing it happens but she did see three doctors together and one storyline had her going back in time to save each of the previous regenerations so she had to know the implications. Bit of a "wtf" moment there but otherwise good.

I will be happier now that he's settled down and settled into a new personality. Loved that he told her bluntly he is not her boyfriend. Didn't expect the phone call. It was a nice touch and just what she needed to get her head around it all. Interesting concept that the choice of who the Doctor morphs into may be what the companion, or even what he himself will need to be for this regeneration. Can't always be about the companion because he doesn't always have one when he regenerates. I would love to see the return of River Song but the last time we saw her she was "dead" (living in the software of the library planet) so I guess that won't be an option any more. I also notice that they're releasing the first episode on DVD in just two weeks!! Geez!

Loving the Outlander series so far. Heard some complaints from some people saying it's too slow. It is a bit but because I love the books so much, i love seeing how it's all coming to life. It's so much better than having to jam it all into a 2 or 3 hour movie and losing huge chunks of it. They change some things but they're not jarring changes and so far, the storyline is keeping well to the book. Diana Gabaldon is very happy with it so that's the important thing. It's already been announced there will be a second season. That will be interesting to see how they do it because Book 2, Dragonfly in Amber, jumps back and forth through at least half of the book, while Claire researches to find out where Jamie went after Cullodden once she discovers he didn't die there. In the book we see flashbacks to her marriage in the ensuing years as her and Jamie's daughter grows up and flashbacks to how Jamie survives as well until they finally meet again, 20 years after Cullodden.

I've got my wedding outfit, even though it's the backup plan. The dress i had planned to order ended up being discontinued. There's always a chance they'll bring it back again and if they do, I'll order it but i found something else just in case and i have it now. It's going to be a long skirt and top, fancy, deep sapphire blue. That's all i'm saying, no links. :) It's a bit darker than I expected but it'll be nice anyway and the flowers will brighten it up, too. It's probably a better match to the blue in the Union Jack anyway which is what Graham plans to wear as a vest/waistcoat. I might see if i can find red shoes. Buying shoes is always difficult for me because my feet just don't fit them well, not nice shoes anyway.
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Nearly the weekend. Three weeks and Graham will be here and three weeks from tomorrow Staci gets married!!! My sister is nearly beside herself with excitement. My mother is so anxious that she had my nephew drive her to her cousin's place so he knows how to get there and when she and I went to my aunt's last weekend, I drove her down to where the marina is where the wedding's going to be so she knows how long it takes to get there. She's not taking any chances that she'll be late and if she has her way leaving when she says she might to make sure there's enough time, she'll end up there an hour early! We're staying overnight in a hotel not far from where my mother's cousin lives actually but it's a bit closer to the venue than from where i live which is a good 40 minute drive at least. It'll only be about 15 to the hotel from the venue.

Then we'll head out on the road to the US on the Monday. I must schedule my traditional pedicure and get my hair done as well. I also have to get a blue tie for Graham to match Staci's colours as most of the men in the family will have similar. It's a kind of violet blue, "periwinkle" is what it's called, or similar to a wedgewood blue. Graham just throws his hands up and says he'll never figure out the right shade so asked me to get it. I think i'll head over to the mall after work today and have a look around there. It'll be cheaper than shopping on Spring Garden Road.

It's been pretty quiet at work the past couple of weeks with full on vacation season. There aren't any requests coming through for report fixes etc. Does make the days go by slowly.

I ordered my wedding napkins and thanks to [ profile] acey who will receive the shipment and send on to me since the website doesn't deliver outside the US. I looked elsewhere and couldn't find what I wanted that could be personalized with our name and date on it as well as the "Keep Calm and Say I Do" logo. :) Graham will also pick up a few packages of British flag napkins as well. We will be meeting with the event guy at the hotel while he's here to finalize the menus and go over things like the napkins and getting cakes and flowers and stuff delivered. Timing and stuff like that. Graham's going to do the artwork for the invitations and I want to have them printed before Christmas so i can send them in the new year. Since we can't invite everyone we'd like to, I thought what I could do is let people know when the ceremony is and at least some might come to that. That might be a good compromise. I just need to note that the hotel sets up more seats than what we're expecting from the rsvp list.

Catching up on my book list:
2014 books )
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I looked for my original divorce certificate on the weekend and it is nowhere to be found! I have a photocopy *uncertified*, I have the petition, lots of correspondence. But no certificate. Bugger. I looked in the Yellow Pages and the lawyer is no longer listed which doesn't surprise me. She was in her 50s 25 years ago. She's probably sitting happily in a garden in a rocking chair somewhere. I'm going to see if i can talk to one of the lawyers in our legal department to see if the copy I have can be certified given that i have the petition and the marriage certificate. If not, I'll have to request a copy from the Ontario court and i've looked up how to do that. I have the file number and date so that's the thing they need. My problem is I would like to have it by the end of August when Graham is here so we can go in and get the marriage certificate. I need to send it to Quebec to the person that's going to marry us as she's said she needs it to fill in some things (though I don't know why she can't do it before the ceremony in May but perhaps she needs it to verify to her church for permission to do the ceremony here. I shall ask).

If i don't get the certificate by the end of August, and considering it's a government agency that's entirely possible, I need to find out if we can fill out another affadavit with Graham's information and I can then go get the actual certificate when i get the divorce one. Or we can make certified copies of Graham's ID. I think if i have that, I can take it all in and get it even if he's not here. Still. How do i get a certified copy? Maybe they'll do it in the office where i apply for the marriage cert.

So. Talk to the legal department first.
Then if need be, talk to the office about the application questions. And contact the court in Ontario and talk to the registrar there to see how quickly they can send a copy.

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